Point at Infinity

Pt@Inf was founded for you to learn programming concepts by writing bots. The challenges include a mix of computer science and math, with a few security concepts sprinkled in for good measure. Write your own bots to beat the games or follow along with the tutorials and grow your skills.

Eight is a 3x3 slide puzzle. Programmatically, it is a lot less complex than the 15 puzzle. A simple puzzle for humans and a fun problem for bots. Can you exploit the integer overflow in the scoring system?

Hook into the API and try your hand or follow along with the breadth first search tutorial.

Dust off your slide puzzle solving skills, open your development console, shit is about to get real. Upon connecting to the websocket, you're sent a starting state for the board. You send back moves until the puzzle is solved or you run out.

Looking to learn A*? Read through and implement it using the A* tutorial to solve Fifteen.